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A Gift of Yoga Pants

“We can do no great things, Mother Theresa once said, “only small things with great love.”
By Eric Sponheim, former board member The fault was mine. I had glanced through the release form for visitors to the prison too quickly before signing it. As a result, I ran…

Planting Seeds of Hope

As the director of Prison Congregations, Mary Mortenson has planted countless seeds of hope.
by Pamela Deacon-Joyner, board member As Mary always says, “I LOVE MY JOB!” There is no one quite like Mary Mortenson! She has served the Lord, Prison Congregations of Ameri…


The seasons: winter, spring, summer, and election!
Seasons By Mary Mortenson, Director, Prison Congregations of America  Ah, the seasons: winter, spring, summer and election.  This month we are inundated with campaign ads – …