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Numbering Our Days

Yes, our days are numbered. Yet they are enriched when we share them with each other.
by Eric Sponheim, former board member “Teach us to number our days,” the Psalmist wrote, “that we may gain a wise heart.”  Good counsel, to be sure. Yet when a friend or family…

In a Prison Cell at Night

Sharing the bread and cup of forgiveness in a worshiping community counters loneliness and invites us to new life in Christ.
by Rev. Steve Peterson, past board president I wonder what inmates in prison think about the nights they lie awake in their cells in the wee hours of the night.  Maybe there ar…


The PCA model of prison ministry is about people in relationship, some incarcerated and some not, living into each season of life as children of God.
By Mary Mortenson I am blessed to live in a part of the country with four very distinct seasons, all of which I love.  After the winter rest, spring shows herself with all the …