We Wait, But We Don't Control

Dec 05, 2018

“We Wait, But We Don’t Control”

By Mary Mortenson, Executive Director, Prison Congregations of America

I am pleased to have been raised in a liturgical faith tradition, in which the seasons of the church year are a part of the experience.  November 25 was Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday of the church year.  As of December 2, we have started a new year as we commemorate the four-week season of Advent.  This is a time of preparation and anticipation, not only for the coming of the Christ-Child, but of the Christ’s coming again.  It can be a rich and beautiful time. 

When our children were small, I worked myself ragged in the weeks before Christmas, trying to make sure everything was just right – from baking to school programs to gifts to cards and on and on.  Invariably, by Christmas I was sick, my body and spirit just needing to rest.  

And then one year it came to me.  When we allow ourselves to become consumed by the hustle and bustle – the stuff of the season, we deny the sovereignty of the very God whose birth we are supposed to be celebrating.  Anyone who has ever given birth knows that for all the planning and praying, there comes a moment when we simply have no more control.  The child will come – now on his or her terms.

 So it is with the Christ Child.  We can plan and fuss, but Christmas and its amazing meaning - the birth of God Incarnate - will come.  Christmas always comes.  Christmas will continue to come until that next great Coming, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. 

This is the last blog post I will write as Executive Director of PCA.   Many of you have heard me say, that this has been the best gig of my life.  I love this ministry with all that I am, and the gifts it has given me leave me at once humbled and wanting to shout for joy.  PCA is blessed that Renae Griggs has answered the call to be the new Executive Director.  Renae is smart and brave and faithful and passionate and energetic.  I invite you to join Jack and me in continued support of Renae and this amazing ministry.

And for now, and these next weeks, I pray you find time to breathe in the great anticipation of this season of Advent. Let Christmas come, for you can do none else.


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