Extra/Ordinary Time

Jun 30, 2018

by Eric Sponheim, former board member

“Ordinary Time” is a peculiar church phrase.

Formally, it refers to the long series of numbered Sundays after Pentecost. From late May or early June until the Advent season arrives in December, there get to be a lot of these.

In practice, however, each of these “ordinary” days is filled with occasions for the expression of God’s extraordinary love.

My friend Chris Flohr touched on this last month, in his post on God’s time. As Chris noted, God keeps reaching out to redeem us, time after time, in ways both ordinary and extraordinary.

In a book called Blessed Is the Ordinary, the late pastor and poet Gerhard Frost explored a similar theme. He wrote of how our transcendent God comes close to us in ordinary life, offering glimpses of divine mystery, presence and promise in the seemingly mundane details of daily life.

This applies equally in prison and on the outside. “The small moment,” as Frost pout it, “is the carrier of God’s most endearing gift.”

In other words, ordinary moments can be infused with an awareness of God’s truly extraordinary love. Have you been able to appreciate such a moment this week?


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