A Change of Heart

Jun 24, 2018

by Rev. Paul Stone, pastor of the Church of the Damascus Road, Rockwell City and Fort Dodge, Iowa

I am nearly 70 years of age. And I have had a change of heart. For that I thank God.

Fifteen years ago my family physician discovered a "murmur" in my heart. He said I would need valve replacement surgery in about 10 years. I said, "O.K."

I have been a pastor for 28 years, the last 9+ of which have been as a pastor of two prison congregations in Iowa. I love what I do, but I was running low on energy and breath. So I went to the good doctors at Mayo Clinic in January. They examined ALL of me and decided that I did, indeed, need to have my aortic valve replaced. Not only was it covered with calcium, but I was one of the 2% of people born with a "bicuspid" valve (2 flaps instead of 3).

Surgery in February went well and I have been back at work with more energy and with "my guys" since April. This was made possible by a major change of heart ... and a pace-maker.

I mention all of this physical stuff because I have realized that God has blessed me by inviting me into the heart-changing business. I (and God) work with men who really want to change their lives. Some have met God for the first time since coming to prison. Others have gotten to know God much better. I am thrilled to be a part of the process. You could be too.

Feel free to contact me or Mary Mortenson, the executive director of Prison Congregations of America.

You too can be a heart-changer.

Happy heart modifying!

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