Oct 01, 2017

By Mary Mortenson

I am blessed to live in a part of the country with four very distinct seasons, all of which I love.  After the winter rest, spring shows herself with all the color and mood swings of adolescence.  Then there is the coming of age that only summer can personify.  But it is autumn – with all of her deep colors and moderating temperatures – to which I can most relate.  Autumn is the season of maturity.  Autumn doesn’t seem to care if leaves turn color and fall all helter-skelter.  Autumn joyfully lets go of the harvest, knowing that it is OK to start to slow the pace and to rest.  It’s time to breathe deeply and joyfully.

 Maybe I treasure this season so much because it is my season.  I am in the autumn of my life.  Much of the drama is behind me, with much of the adventure yet to come.  Wisdom and curiosity seem to be in pretty good balance.  Yes, this is a beautiful season.

 These seasons of our lives are made the sweeter when they can be shared through healthy relationships.  If we’re lucky, these relationships are anchored in loving family and community.  What we offer through the PCA Model of Prison Ministry is a chance to live and grow into our various seasons within the safety and security of a loving community, a congregation.  Time and again I have seen people laugh and cry with one another and hold one another up.  I have heard the testimony of one who moved from the adolescent attitude of exclusion and judgment of another to the more mature acceptance and even regard.  I have seen the wonder on the face of one who dares to believe that he is loved and lovable. 

And here’s the real deal:  These examples are from people in relationship – some incarcerated and some not – all children of God trying to make their way in the world.  We say it often and it is true: PCA is ministry not to, but with, for regardless of what season we find ourselves, we are God’s good creation, and when we can’t believe that, we need to have those around us who will repeat the stories and the Promise and who may simply say, “Breathe beautiful one, breathe.”


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