The Wind of the Spirit

Jun 03, 2017

By Mary Mortenson, Executive Director, Prison Congregations of America

Seldom is there a day in eastern South Dakota that the wind does not blow.  It’s this way year round, but now that it’s summertime and we’re outside more, it’s more noticeable. I love the wind, in moderate speeds, because it speaks to me of freedom and change and possibility.

This week we’re celebrating Pentecost, with all the wind and flame imagery contained in that ancient story. I think that the Wind of the Spirit moving the Winds of Change is a powerful reality in our world today. As a result of an act of decency and love three men were attacked, two of them killed, as they rose to protect others being accosted by hate and ignorance.  One has only to consult the nightly news or social media to see other examples of tragedy and negativity, inciting fear and distrust among us. But there are also stories of pure hope and kindness.  In addition to the actions of the three men, there are stories of school children and sports teams protecting and including one of their own, who happens to be “different.” There are stories of police officers playing basketball and soccer with kids on empty lots in large cities. There are stories of Muslims and Christians, each in turn protecting the other with a circle of humanity so that worship can be done safely. There are stories of citizens speaking truth to power.  I believe that these are examples of the Wind of the Spirit fanning Winds of Change.

In our work, I get to experience the Wind of the Spirit coaxing the Winds of Change everyday.  Every day there is hope and excitement as we get one step closer to a new congregation or engage in a mutually beneficial ministry alliance or when good people of faith step forward in support of our work.  Yes, there is a new wind blowing, and it is good – it is a blessing to God’s children, wherever accident of birth or consequence of choice has placed them. It’s validation that if ever there was a time, it is now for the church to step up and to be the church.  The church can change the world.  We can change the world.  Jesus sent the Spirit to help us do just that.


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