God is Calling Us

May 21, 2017

by Pamela Deacon-Joyner, PCA Board Member

The devotional book God Calling has blessed many Christians and non-Christians since its publication in 1930. In 1985 my mother had just died an unexpected death at age 60 and, as I looked through her bookcase for anything that might have inspired her, I saw this worn copy on the shelf between the Bible and the AA “Big Book.” All three were shabby, with notes written in the margins - quite a treasure! It was November 12, 1985. The devotional for that date spoke about “The Voiceless Cry” that comes from anguished hearts and is heard above all the music of Heaven.

From that day forward God Calling became my daily devotional. For over thirty years I have read and reread this book, and it continues to touch my heart each day. My mother’s copy became tattered and fell apart, so my husband purchased a new one for me just over ten years ago.  Most days it seems that it was written just for me.  God Calling is a wonderful journey filling your life with peace and confidence in each season.  It has even gone so far as saying “both of you” in so many instances where my situation involved my husband or one of my children. When my walk with God falters, God Calling is exactly what I need to read.

For over four years my husband and I have provided the men of Living Stones Prison Congregation at Washington Correction Center with a copy of God Calling on the occasion of their baptism at a worship service. Just last week (before this writing) one of the inmates proclaimed that God Calling is the most inspiring book he has read next to the Bible, and went on to say “it’s just like Jesus Christ is there with you, providing examples of his love and encouragement.” Other men spoke up and agreed. That evening we passed out the remaining copies and assured the men more would be coming at the next service (we had another forty copies in the trunk of our car).

The editor A.J. Russell writes, “not one woman, but two have written this book; and they seek no praise. They have elected to remain anonymous and to be called ‘Two Listeners.’ But the claim that they make is an astonishing one in that their messages given to them 85 years ago while residing in England, and today here in Northwest corner of the United States, that same message by the Living Christ Himself continues to encourage, heal, and provide strength.”

Having read God Calling many times, I believe them.

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