Brothers in Blue

Oct 23, 2016

by Paul Paul E. Stone, Church of the Damascus Road

On Oct. 6 - 9, 2016, we held one of our twice-a-year Brothers in Blue (BiB) weekends at the North Central Correctional Facility in Rockwell City, Iowa. I had to miss Friday and Saturday to attend the PCA Board Meeting. We had arranged for an independent free-lance writer named Adam Klinker to attend the weekend held last March, but his wife was about to deliver their baby and her doctor "ordered Adam not to leave Omaha. Adam works in the communications dept. at Creighton University. He has been commissioned to write an article about our BiB by "The Living Lutheran" magazine, the official voice of the ELCA.

 Adam was able to come to our BiB last Friday and Saturday. To use his words, he was "Blown Away". He was warmly received by the "guys" in attendance and by the team of volunteers from the outside who spent their whole weekends with our Christian community inside. He saw and experienced The Holy Spirit at work numerous times. He conducted extensive interviews with insiders and volunteers. He left with his head and heart filled and spinning.

 Adam said his "Living Lutheran" article is limited to 900 words, but that he could write 40,000 or more. If that magazine can't use all his words and the selection he will make of the 1,500 pictures he took, he'll seek another outlet, perhaps in a series of articles in another forum.

 We anxiously await what God will tell him to write. Exposure like this about how Christ is working inside with society's cast-offs should enlighten many. Hopefully readers will be inspired to work with our "members" while they are in prison and when they get out (Mt. 25: 36).

 Our God is, indeed, an awesome God.


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