Patriotism and Faith

Jul 05, 2016

By Mary Mortenson, PCA Director

The two most patriotic members of my family were my mom and my brother. Maybe it was because Mom was born on the 4th of July that she so loved her country. She loved politics and even though her formal education ended when she graduated high school, she was a life-long learner. She taught me that one could change one’s mind based on new information or experience.

My brother served in the US Air Force and was dedicated to the local chapter of the American Legion, serving several years as Commander. Nothing irritated him more than when people would disrespect the flag by wearing it or not caring for it properly.

Both of these patriots have passed from this earth – Mom shortly after her 70th birthday in 1984, and my brother just this past March. The lessons of patriotism and faith that I learned from these two have influenced my work these past years. Both had a passionate sense of fairness and justice and hated seeing people treated unfairly. They had no time for discrimination in any of its forms, including church polity.

After meeting a man in one of my prison visits once who shared with me that he had never been told he was loved, I determined that I would close presentations I give on behalf of PCA with the words, “And remember, Jesus loves you, and so do I.” A few years ago I was speaking to a tiny congregation – an event that my brother also attended. He needed to leave before I was finished, and as he said his farewells, and started to walk out the door, he stopped, turned, and with eyes twinkling said, “And remember, Jesus loves you and so do I.”

Mom never got to hear either one of us say those words, but I know she would agree. Like these two patriots, my faith informs my politics and how I choose to live out my professional calling, and I carry their lessons and their love with me always. So, in this 4th of July week, I chose to share with you the blessings of knowing Mayme and Don Seeklander, mother and son, lovers of God and country.

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